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Do you raise the lid during cooking? Lifting the lid can drop the heat quite a bit.

Do you raise the lid during cooking? Lifting the lid can drop the heat quite a bit.

Did you raise the lid during cooking? Raising the lid can drop the heat dramatically. Avoid the desire! Do you have enough fluid within the pot?This appears easy, however it’s as simple blunder.

Make sure you have actually enough fluid for the cooking time that is specified. Did your recipe contain enough acid (such as for example, the acid in tomato sauce) to tenderize the meat?Acid based foods help tenderize meats. Without them, meat will get dry or tough. Do you cook the meat too much time?It’s very easy to do in a cooker that is slow. We expect you’ll be in a position to disappear all night, however some dishes don’t need to cook for an whole day. Do you cut your meat into pieces that have been too little to withstand a lengthy cooking time?Meats that are cut into tiny pieces will dry up during cooking even faster than larger pieces. Had been your cut of meat too tender?Less tender cuts of meat are most readily useful because of this form of cooking. Does the lid on your own cooker that is slow fit?Should your lid will not fit precisely, dampness is escaping. This watery vapor is important for maintaining meals moist. Have you been using just the right size sluggish cooker?Putting smaller amounts of food in a sizable sluggish cooker can dry the food out since it cooks even more quickly. Methods for tender meats:

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